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Topic: Would you consider Flint to be ANTI-NEWS?

Would you consider Flint to be ANTI-NEWS?
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 0%  [ 0 ]
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Ted Jankowski

I've had a few discussions with a friend of mine who has had conversations with Channel 12 reporters and Flint Journal reporters. I have talked to many journal reporters myself but not really on this topic.

We received some of the most Bias Pro Williamson reporting From both TV and Printed media. Facts where never a problem as there were none.

When the Journal reports a crime and there is a description of the witness. Usually the witness gave a good description however always race of the suspect is left out. I'm told Black people assume the assailant is White and White people assume the assailant is Black. Which seems to be pretty clear this is left to ones imagination by the lack of FACTS in the reporting. Be on the look out for three men riding in a blue van. They are robbing people. (sarcasm)

Politics.. How much do we know about the candidates for Governor? Or really any other elected position? We hear nothing about these people on the campaign trail or the content of their speeches. I'm sure they are out at least every week.

Politics is treated my our local media as a SPORT, was my friends assertion. People watch the news to get Sports and the weather. Channel 12 has turned it's station into about 8 hours of "News". (REALLY) They usually spend more time trying to hype up a 30 second story they did by by having numerous 15 second spots during the previous news programs. I can't even watch it no more. I don't personally care about sports and I can open the door or check the net for weather.

One former Journal reporter claimed the was just trying to spice up the story. When he was asked why he leaves out key facts or only reports part of what happened.

Well I'm interested to hear your comments and see how the poll goes.

Education level of Flint. I'm told Flint has a 35 percent illiteracy rate amongst adults. I know Flint schools drops out two thirds of the students. Could it be that the media outlets don't consider us smart enough to really put time into doing a fair job on a story with all the facts?
Post Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:53 am 
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Ryan Eashoo

The Flint Journal and ABC 12 news should be ashamed of themselfs as of late. The reporting they have done of the recall effort in Federal Court is clearly news worthy.

Flint Michigan Resident, Tax Payer, Flint Nutt - Local REALTOR - Activist. www.FlintTown.com
Post Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:55 am 
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