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Bryan McCree - Homegrown Comedian

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Bryan, who jokes he's "Irish on my master's side," is the nephew of the late Floyd McCree, who was elected Flint mayor in 1966, making him Flint's first black mayor and the first black mayor of an American city its size .Read More

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The Lunch Studio is a healthy burger alternative.

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The Lunch Studio has been serving the area a healthy alternative to the burger, coney, and taco monotony since December of 2001.

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Flint Talk Radio

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Are you a pod caster, talk show or even a talk radio host that is looking for additional ways to get your message out?..

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Positively Flint

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If you type “Flint, Michigan” into any internet search engine, you will quickly find many websites that list the horrible statistics about our city being one of the worst places to live and our crime rate being almost the worst in the nation. Read More

Flint's TV commercials, cheesy but hilarious

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Joseph Auto Group. I notice that Joseph used to do commercials where a two-liter of Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke was in plain view. Nice little product placement Read More


Michigan State Fair Tax

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John Wilson of Studio 1714 talks with Roger Buchholtz the State Director Michigan State Fair Tax

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Flint City Beat

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Flint City Beat is written by Joe Lawlor of The Flint Journal. The blog focuses on Flint City Hall news and other city happenings...

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